Passing of a Friend: Robert “Bobby” Church

Robert “Bobby” Church

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017 the North End lost a long time resident and friend, Robert Church, (aka Roberto, Bobby or Chef Roberto).

Bobby was known for his culinary arts, especially Italian cuisine. He was owner and chef of the former Roberto’s Restaurant on North Street. He was very active in the community preparing dinners and planning events for the elderly.

Bobby was my lifelong friend. We spent many hours of our teen years hanging out at Barone’s Pharmacy on Hanover Street and in the North End Union on Parmenter Street with all our friends. He could always be called on to plan a party or trip even in those early years.

For the past fifteen years or so we got together with all our long time North End friends for a yearly dinner, organized by Bobby. We became known as the “Barone Gang”.

He will be severely missed by all who knew and loved him.
Our condolences go out to his two sisters Barbara and Rose Marie as well as his caretaker Jeff.

A memorial service will be held at a later date.

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  1. I remember bobby very well. back in the 50’s he was the only guy in the north end with a non-italian name. RIP bobby

  2. Bobby was a true friend. He was funny, loyal, honest and had a great personality. He would give you anything if he had it or even if he didn’t have it. I worked for Bobby, aka “The Great Roberto” at Roberto’s for several years before it closed. I also worked for him at Roberto’s Uptown which was in the lower section at the Eliot Hotel on Commonwealth Ave. I still remember him exiting the white Rolls Royce on Comm. Ave with his top hat at the Grand Opening. He was one of a kind. I first met him when he opened the Principe Restaurant on Little Prince Street and had just come back to the neighborhood after cooking for the stars in Hollywood. I was hanging out on North Square and he walked by and asked me if I wanted a job because he had just opened the Principe and was looking for kitchen and dining room help. I told him I already had a job at Dom’s on Commercial Street. He said Dom is an “a…..ole,” come and work for me. I laughed it off and told him I would ask around and let my friends know that he was hiring. Little did I know he was right and I ended up working for him later. We had the best crew and the best boss. Bobby would stand by you above the customers if they complained about you or the food. He asked several customers to leave if they didn’t like what he cooked or had to say. Bobby enjoyed his family and friends the most. I still remember picking up the homemade gnocchi at his mother Helen’s house that she would make for the restaurant. His sisters, Rose Marie (Cricket) and Barbara were just as nice as he was. I will always treasure so many memories I have of Bobby and the things he did and said, but mostly he never forgot the neighborhood he came from. I still laugh about them when I tell the stories. Rest in Peace my friend. Until we meet again…….Foots

  3. Thanks for the news, Sonny, Bobby was a loyal North Ender. His mother, Helen, was a wonderful woman and raised three good kids. Bobby’s favorite desert was grape nut pudding, something I had never heard of, but he encouraged me to try some and I have loved it ever since. He was a great guy and a lot of fun.

  4. He was a long time friend and companion, I have many stories that I’ve shared with our times together…
    through good times and bad times we loved each other.. I love you Bobby…
    Rest in Peace my good friend..

    .*****If some reads this please let me know of when service will be held

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