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Lydia Edwards for City Council Speaks at North End / Waterfront Residents Association Meeting

At the May 11th North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association meeting, East Boston resident Lydia Edwards, running for District 1 City Council, introduced herself and her platform to NEWRA members.

Edwards is currently the Deputy Director for Housing Stability. Her page on The City of Boston’s website says, “As a Deputy Director within the Department of Neighborhood Development, Lydia is responsible for programs to assist Boston residents facing displacement – whether due to eviction, landlord-tenant disputes, rent escalations, or unplanned loss of housing.”

“I want you to understand and leave with this one impression more than anything else. I’m running on a platform of service. I’m excited to serve all. I’m excited to serve anyone whether they know me, whether they don’t know me, if I grew up with them, if we speak the same language. I am excited to serve this district.”

The race to fill Sal LaMattina’s District 1 seat is now between two East Bostoners Lydia Edwards and Margaret Farmer, and one North Ender, Stephen Passacantilli. The District 1 seat represents the North End, Charlestown and East Boston. Stephen Passacantilli and Margaret Farmer will speak to members during the June 8th NEWRA meeting at 7 PM at the Nazzaro Center.

The primary election between the three candidates will take place on September 26th, and the general election will be on November 7th between the two remaining candidates.

See the video above for full coverage.

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