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16 Moon Street Building Construction Discussed at Neighborhood Council Meeting

Members of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) questioned the lack of neighborhood review regarding new construction at 16 Moon Street. From the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS), Maria Lanza said the construction was permitted because it is zoning compliant and considered “as of right” by Boston Inspectional Services with no variances required.

The following video is from the NEWNC meeting on May 8, 2017:

The height of the building with living space will be 54 feet which falls under the neighborhood height limit of 55 feet, according to ONS. The head house is large to support an elevator and mechanicals. Head houses without living space are not included in height calculations.

Occupying a formerly vacant lot, the new building is for a one or two family home with parking. The project did not trigger any zoning variances and therefore it did not have to appear before the Board of Appeals or go to the neighborhood groups.

NEWNC members expressed concern regarding the precedent of new construction building without neighborhood review, even on a courtesy basis.

7 Replies to “16 Moon Street Building Construction Discussed at Neighborhood Council Meeting

  1. Can we at least have them start construction at a resident friendly time? Say 8 or 9am? The noise is horrendous

    1. Seconded. Is there a completion date for this project? I work from home, which has now become more or less impossible. This project has been going on since last spring.

  2. The building is way too big for the street as it is bigger than every building around. Plus the developer bought spaces on Fleet St for a month and all of Moon Streeet M-F for the month of April. More parking spots were purchased on Moon Street for May. How does this benefit the neighborhood?

  3. I am highly skeptical that a building of this size whose footprint takes up the entire lot “did not trigger any zoning variances”.
    The floor area ratio (FAR) in the North End is 3.0 and this building is 5 stories tall with no apparent open spaces. The landlord and developer need to come before the neigborhhood groups to address resident concerns over this project. Common courtesy to their neighbors would have dictated that this happened before construction began!

  4. With all due respect to the neighborhood groups, of which I’m a big supporter and consider a great asset to the neighborhood, if there’s nothing required of the owner, why would he put himself into a position with only the possibility of downside. I will say when the owner tries for a roof deck which will be above the 55ft height restriction, he might second guess this decision (which might have been overlooked, and possibly vetted in this forum). Point being…..sometimes it seems a little intrusive to feel like we’re owned a conversation when nothing is warranted. The building will be a far better sight than what’s been an empty lot surrounded by a chain link fence.

  5. I’M a life long resident of the north end. I just have to say this building is a darn site better than the RAT infested pit that it has been for so many years. I can’t seem to remember anyone complaining about the rats?
    Like it or not we are all in the 21st Century and things will change.
    I have met the contractor on many occasions.
    He gave me his number, as he will to anyone that asks, and is more than willing to help in any way he can.
    He respects the neighborhood and on many occasions i have witnessed his guys wash and clean the street each afternoon.
    As for the building, I have checked with the city and building dept its all legal and they are within their rights.
    He did notify all his immediat abutters and was more than willing to walk us through the project. I for one love the fact that this building when finished will boost all of our property values.

    1. You must not have had to wake up to the noise every morning since last year. In your conversionsations with him did he say when the project will be completed?

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