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Volunteers Come Out to North End “Love Your Block” Spring Cleanup

The North End “Love Your Block” cleanup brought out a large crowd of volunteers on Saturday, April 29th including many who met at the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) on Hanover Street. T-shirts and tools were distributed as groups went off to various streets, parks and alleys of the neighborhood to get things spruced up for Spring. We counted Eliot School students, along with RUFF North End and many park advocates joining in the effort.

Formerly known as Boston Shines, Mayor Marty Walsh rebranded the initiative this year as “Love Your Block.” The spring cleaning program encourages residents to get involved in their neighborhoods by gathering to help clean up the streets with a few hours of volunteering.

6 Replies to “Volunteers Come Out to North End “Love Your Block” Spring Cleanup

  1. Still the clean up didn’t include every playground Foster playground which is used as parking lot. Which is disgustingly fifty was not cleaned up.

    1. I believe the idea was for YOU to be out there cleaning up…….not complaining about somebody else not doing it.

  2. I’m not 100% positive, but I believe that land was sold, and now is private property. The same cars park there everyday. maybe they should clean it.

  3. Off subject, but that land (Foster Street Park) is:

    A) Protected open space
    B) Owned by the Parks Department

    See the map on p.18 of this PDF:

    I can find many references to “an agreement” that was made to allow cars to park there, but no actual documentation of that agreement. I’d be curious if anyone else can.

  4. No the Park Department is responsible for keeping up with cleaning the parking lots since they took it over and also its not a dog park for dogs to come in and poop and just leave it there. People live there and there windows face all that filth and the smell of the car fumes.

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