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Shopping & Nibbling at the North End Spring Stroll [Photos]

Offering a true “Shop Local” experience, North End stores partnered up with local restaurants to bring shoppers small bites and beverages while Sunday strolling through the neighborhood.

Participating shops (with paired restaurants) included: LIT Boutique (Bricco), Shake the Tree (Lulu’s, The Juicery), In-Jean-Ius (Strega), Ensemble (Ernesto), Salmagundi (Pushcart Pizzeria), Wine Bottega, Polkadog Bakery (Neptune Oyster & Mike’s Pastry), and Exhale Spa at Battery Wharf (Il Molo and Aragosta).

Alison (center) owner of in-jean-ius with crew (Nibbles by Strega)
Kimberly, owner of the Wine Bottega
Kiana from Polkadog on Salem Street (Human nibbles by Neptune Oyster and Mike’s Pastry)
Lisa at the always fashionable LIT on Hanover Street (Nibbles by Bricco)
Wendy, owner of Ensemble, peeks out among the racks (Nibbles by Ernesto’s)
Ashley and her dog Beifiney (Nibbles by Lulu’s)
Shopping and Nibbling Pushcart Pizza with their SALMAGUNDI hats on!
From the Juicery at Shake the Tree
Getting the treatment at Exhale, Battery Wharf (Nibbles by Il Molo and Aragosta)

Photos by Matt Conti []