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Neighborhood Photos: Palm Sunday in the North End

Palm Sunday scenes in Boston’s North End:

Palm Sunday at Sacred Heart Church in Boston’s North End
Picking up palms
Sacred Heart Church alter on Palm Sunday
Holy eucharist on Palm Sunday at Sacred Heart Church in Boston’s North End
Palm on the church pew
Signs of Easter in Artu’s restaurant window
Signs of the Season with flowers blooming on the Greenway
Italian Easter Chocolate Eggs at Modern Pastry

Photos by Matt Conti [MattConti.com]

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4 Replies to “Neighborhood Photos: Palm Sunday in the North End

  1. Matt, Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the upper church at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart Church is alive and well on Palm Sunday 2017, despite the Archdiocese of Boston. Special thanks to the Franciscan Friars at St. Leonard’s Church and to those who have fought hard to keep it open.

  2. To echo the previous comment..they are beautiful pictures. I happened to have been baptized at Sacred Heart Church and the photos so enjoyable. As an added note, Mr Gaeta, any relation to a Josephine and Joe Gaeta who resided at 59 Hull Street in the 30’s/40’s ?

    1. Hello Vincent, They were my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in 1981. Shortly after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother moved from 59 Hull Street. My grandmother passed away in 2012 at the age of 102. We like to say all the walking she did up and down Hull Street with her grocery bags, contributed to her longevity. Happy Easter!

  3. Joe..please contact me: Vincent Sordello (vsordello1@gmail.com). I would like very much to tell you my story and relationship with your grandparents. Vincent

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