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Boston Fire Responds to Lincoln Wharf Kitchen Incident

North End Ladder #1 at Lincoln Wharf (Photo by Joe Mendola)

Lincoln Wharf residents were set to evacuate when a fire broke out, but fortunately was just a minor kitchen incident. Chris, a LW resident, shares this rundown.

About 6:30pm, Saturday evening, the fire alarms rang throughout Lincoln Wharf upsetting the residents usual Saturday evening routines. A few minutes later, North End Fire Station Ladder #1 arrived followed by another ladder and about 6 other fire vehicles. Ladder #1 very quickly raised its ladder to the building and many fire fighters proceeded to enter the building carrying their hoses and other equipment.

After checking the building’s fire alarm system, the fire fighters proceeded to a unit on the second floor where they found that a burnt dinner had set off the alarm. The fire fighters quickly secured the unit and began their clean up before further damage occurred to the unit or the building. When the fire fighters left, they were greeted with thanks from the residents who appreciated the quick and forceful response. It is gratifying to know that we are protected by a professional group of fire fighters in our neighborhood.