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Nazzaro Center – Boston Latin School Connection is Strong As Ever

Saint Johns from Left to Right: Charles and Sophia Vasil, Ava McNicol, Maggie Gohlmann, Helena Fountas, and Nora Coburn

In mid-March, hundreds of families throughout the city of Boston finally got the results of the ISEE exam that their children took in November. The exam is used to determine which students will earn a coveted spot in one of the city’s three exam schools: the O’Bryant School of Science and Mathematics, Boston Latin Academy and, the most prestigious school of all, Boston Latin School.

Boston Latin School is the oldest, and arguably best, public school in the country. Traditionally, the North End sends its share of students to all three of these schools. This year was by far the community’s best showing ever.

No less than 22 students from the Eliot public school alone were invited to attend one of these schools with at least 8 more being invited from St. John’s parochial. Of these future scholars, the Nazzaro Center is proud to boast 13 who are members of their youth program.

Good luck to all you future “sixies” and remember the Boston Latin School motto as you enter in the fall; “Semper Ubi, Sub Ubi.”

Emma Perez
Eliot School from Left to Right: Sam Griffin, Niklas McHugh, Richard Bova, Maya Riley, Mira Yu, and Paige Fitzgerald

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  1. The Boston Latin School motto is “Sumus primi” which means ” We are the first.” Please cancel what was written as the motto.

  2. Carl, I think the quote is what Mrs. Caesar told her son Gaius Julius before he went out to play.

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