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Marathon Daffodils in Neighborhood Parks

Marathon Daffodils is the continuing tribute to the “Boston Strong” spirit, now four years after the bombing tragedy. For the 2017 Boston Marathon, the effort expanded to neighborhood parks and public spaces, well beyond the marathon route. The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park brought our attention to the hundreds of potted plants on the waterfront shown in these pictures. The blue and yellow potted Boston Strong daffodils were labeled with signs asking visitors to leave them in place until Marathon Monday, when they can be taken and brought home.

Also, see this interview by Matt Piscitelli from Olson Greenhouses on the 20,000 daffodil bulbs contributing to the cause. The perennial effort was started in 2014 by Diane Valle who gathered volunteers to plant bulbs along the marathon route. Closer to town and the finish line, potted plants are displayed along the streets and in business windows. Prepared in a greenhouse, the daffodil plants are kept cool and timed to bloom for Marathon Monday.

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  1. Such a terrific display and huge. Incredible how they were perfecting timed to be in full bloom for monday. Saw them at the library too.

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