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Book Release & North End Signing by Marathon Bombing Survivor Roseann Sdoia

Roseann could not have predicted the events of Marathon Monday 2013. All were shocked when, in a matter of minutes, chaos erupted. After the first bomb went off, Roseann made to take off down the street when she suddenly heard two loud popping sounds and saw two white flashes of light at her feet. It was the last time she saw her right foot.

After the marathon, Roseann became a symbol of hope and strength for many Bostonians. Her tireless spirit and ability to find joy and humor in even the worst circumstances helped her as she embarked on a new career as a public speaker and amputee advocate. And by her side during all of these life-changing moments are Shores, Shana, and Mike—the last of whom plans to keep on holding her hand for all the years to come.

PERFECT STRANGERS is about recovery, about choosing joy and human connection over anger and resentment, and most of all, it’s about an unlikely but enduring friendship that grew out of the tragedy of Boston’s worst day.

Roseann Sdoia will have a book presentation and signing on April 14th, 6pm, at I Am Books, 189 North St. in Boston’s North End. Sign up here.

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  1. I’ve been following Roseann’s story for awhile. She is an incredible person whom I admire. I can’t wait to read her book. I wish her much happiness on her impending marriage.

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