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The North End’s Empty Spaces

What’s up with these empty spaces in the North End? North End resident Adam Castiglioni frequently tweets (@conceirgeboston) these questions. Here are a few photos that Adam shared with us recently.

When will the Hanover Hole be filled?

Wasn’t a restaurant supposed to go in here?

When will these tree beds on Cross St. be filled?

Is this art or graffiti on Salem Street?

Monica’s expansion coming soon!

What’s up with Boschetto’s Bakery still empty?

8 Replies to “The North End’s Empty Spaces

  1. I was thinking the same thing about the Fleet space @ JGH. I heard a while back that the owner of the Cheese Shop left abruptly because of a landlord dispute, but the fact that all the product was left is really odd. I also heard more recently that the dry cleaning business next door may be taking over that space. Could just be gossip.

  2. No dispute. Tenants that don’t pay their rent for months get evicted. @ JGH if you’ve walked by the past 2 months you would’ve noticed that it’s been cleaned & being renovated. Which is probably why it didn’t make the list.

  3. I was looking at your list of tags for the news stories and would like to suggest a new one: The North Bennett Street School. This is an educational and cultural jewel that brings great people to the North End. We would hope to see more coverage of their free lectures and the availability of workshops and courses that interest many residents. They have a new capital campaign that deserves some attention.

    1. Hi Forbes,
      There is certainly a tag for the North Bennet Street School:
      The tags you see listed in the footer of the site have the most posts. Inclusion is not an indication of significance, only volume.

      We depend on the cooperation of community groups/organizations to help us post their news and events. We would very much welcome more posts from the North Bennet Street School. If you or someone else associated with NBSS can help us fill in the gap, anyone can submit a post here:

      Thanks for the feedback.

  4. If that is art, it is certainly abstract. Given the single color, I would guess graffitti or maybe a new paint job and the painter was distracted.

  5. Its about time that cheese shop is cleaned out. Utterly disgusting the city allowed that place to remain vacant with all the food in there. I hope its true a new tenent is renovating it.

  6. Look at the space on Salem St. next to the Postale? That is a sight for sore eyes.

    Maybe if the landlords were not so greedy & came down on the rent, these would not be empty.

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