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Eliot Students Learn the Craft of Pizza Making

At the Eliot K-8 Innovation School we love when we can extend our learning beyond our classroom walls and venture out into our wonderful community. Recently a Kindergarten class from the green room started a unit on procedural writing. We have been researching and learning about how to make pizza so that we could become experts on the topic and write a book to help teach others. Last week we brainstormed how to make a pizza and wrote a class book. Together we traveled to Pizzaria Regina in the North End to see first hand how they make their pizza. We had lots of questions before we went and were so excited to learn about their pizza making process. We might have been even MORE excited to eat the pizza at the end!

While we were there we were able to check out the kitchen and see where the pizza was made. First they use a tray to mold the crust of the dough. Then they use their hands to stretch out the dough before tossing it in the air. This helps make the pizza dough the right size. Next they add the sauce and toppings- we got to help with this! Finally the pizza goes into the oven and we wait for the cheese to melt and the crust to cook before it is ready to eat!

Can you believe that the North End location of Pizzaria Regina is one of the oldest pizza places in the country? It was a tight squeeze back there and hard to imagine how they are able to make 4,000-6,000 delicious pizzas a week! We learned that they are able to fit 15-20 pizzas in the oven at a time. We were so impressed!

One of our favorite parts of our experience was eating the pizza of course. Reed wanted to know how yummy Pizzaria Regina could make their pizzas and we all agreed that they are out of this world! 😉 We even got to share our delicious meal with Mayor Walsh and tell him all about our experience!

We would like to give a HUGE shout out to general manager, Richie Zapata for welcoming us to your North End location. We loved the tour of your kitchen and learning first hand how you make pizza. We were SO excited to help with the process and will never forget this day! Another shout out to Patrick’s mom, Jesse, for helping to coordinate this awesome experience. We had such a wonderful time and learned SO much. Thank you!!

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  1. This is great experience for these school people. I remember as child in the first grade going to the local bakery to see how jelly was inserted into the jelly donuts. We had no idea how the jelly got there. Enjoyed this article and a thanks to Regina Pizza, my favorite pizza place too!

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