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Grand Abruzzese Dinner for Italian Earthquake Relief

Guest Chefs (L-R) Dal Mohr, Antonella Santacroce, Edmundo Guzman and Domenico Santacroce with host Filippo Frattaroli.

Visiting chefs from Abruzzese helped raise funds for Central Italy Earthquake Relief at Filippo Ristorante’s grand dinner this week. The event was a kickoff of 40th Anniversary celebrations for the North End’s Lucia Ristorante by Filippo and Phil Frattaroli with guest chefs and restauranteurs Antonella Santacroce, Dal Mohr, Edmundo Guzman and Domenico Santacroce.

Hailing from Sulmona, Italy in the Abruzzo region, Chef Santacroce showcased Abruzzese cuisine including polenta Ovidiana with sausage; buccatini all’ Amatriciana with Pecorino cheese and guanciale; and porchetta.