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Residents Discuss Draft Municipal Harbor Plan for Downtown Waterfront

Discussion of the draft Municipal Harbor Plan proposed by the BRA/BPDA for the Downtown Waterfront

The plan covers the area of the waterfront bordered by Christopher Columbus Park on the North (Long Wharf) and the Evelyn Moakley Bridge on the South (Hook Lobster Company site). Written comments on the plan were due the BRA/BPDA by December 2, but additional opportunity to comment will become available when the plan goes through the State review process. State waterways regulations limit lot coverage to 50%, which would leave 50% open space per lot. The BRA/BPDA proposes to require only 30% open space at the Harbor Garage site and the Hook Lobster site. Existing regulations allow a building height of up to 150′ at the Harbor Garage site and 55′ at the Hook Lobster site. The BRA/BPDA proposes a maximum of 600′ at the Harbor Garage site and 305′ at the Hook Lobster site. These and other details of the Municipal Harbor Plan as proposed deserve robust citizen input.

View the video above to hear more background and discussion at the December 8, 2016 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). The coverage area of the proposed plan is shown below:

See the following post for a summary of local comment letters submitted, including those discussed at the NEWRA meeting: