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Neighborhood Photo: Festive Boat and Burned Out Building

Adam Castiglioni shares this photo of the festive “Long Haul” boat off Commercial Wharf. He wonders when something will happen to the burned out building on the waterfront that has been vacant for several years.


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3 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Festive Boat and Burned Out Building

  1. The owners of this building must live out of the city or out of state to be disinterested and disrespectful of the unsightlyness of this eyesore. Perhaps we should put their names on the building for all to see.
    It is also disappointing that the City of Boston does not require some attention be paid to the ugly appearance for all people who go by here daily, especially visitors from around the country and around the world.

  2. The owners do not live out of the city, well, technically they have many residences in many locations. All public record. The North End being one of the residence. This property is part of the DCK Realty Trust with Christopher Karlson as the trustee. There were plans filed to begin work years ago. I believe that article is also on this site, but I have not heard/seen anything recently. It is really a shame. Would be nice to have that property fixed up.

  3. As much as an eye sore as it is I can’t blame the owners for leaving it like that. Anytime anybody wants to build on the water front it’s a big to do. No matter what they want to put there all the condo owners on the water would complain and drag on years worth of back and forth.

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