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Community Reports at Neighborhood Council (NEWNC Video)

The North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) met on December 12, 2016 starting with multiple neighborhood reports. Here is a summary and video timeline of these reports.

(00:00) Welcome and introductions by NEWNC President John Pregmon

(00:40) Meeting protocol by NEWNC Vice President Carmine Guarino

(01:30) Toy drive to support Italian Home for Children – Philip Frattaroli

  • Drop off an unwrapped toy at Ducali, Filippo’s or Lucia by Saturday, Dec 17th (See more information)

(02:40) President’s Report – John Pregmon

  • North End Nursing Home – Spaulding / Partners has further delayed its filing to transfer the license to give interested parties more time. An update in early 2017 is expected.

(03:30) Resident Parking / Traffic Committee report – Danielle D’Ambrosio

  • Discussion at January 2017 meeting regarding increased fees for illegal parking during TD Garden and City Hall Plaza events.

(05:30) Public Safety Committee report – Sean Hennessey (See more information)

(09:00) Greenway Committee report – John Pregmon

(10:00) Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services – Maria Lanza

Big changes in the works for new resident parking by year end!

  1. Hanover Street – New shared valet and commercial loading parking zones on Hanover Street will free up over 20 resident only night time parking spaces, 6pm to 8am, on Hanover from Prince to Cross Street.
  2. Eliot School parking lot at 585 Commercial Street will soon allow nightime resident parking.
  3. Tour buses are now prohibited from parking on Commercial Street in front of the Steriti skating rink. Drop-offs allowed, but no idling/waiting. Spaces will be converted to 24 hour resident parking spaces.

3 Replies to “Community Reports at Neighborhood Council (NEWNC Video)

  1. The parking regs are a bit unclear here. Did I hear that the parking from the Connah Store to Bella Vista will now be valet?

    1. Maria Lanza from the Mayor’s Office talks about the changes at the 10 minute mark in the video. My understanding is there will be shared valet zones instead of individual valets in front of each restaurant. The rest of the street will be residential parking which should be a net increase. When I get more detail, I’ll do a separate post.

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