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Ward 8 Owner, Nick Frattaroli, Taking Over 5 North Square Restaurant

Gennaro’s 5 North Square restuarant is changing hands from Gerry Riccio to Nick Frattaroli, owner of Ward 8 Restaurant on N. Washington Street.

The all-alcohol license transfer was supported by the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) on December 12, 2016. Frattaroli was represented by Attorney William Ferullo and Manager Michael Wyatt.

5 North Square

The new establishment is expected to be similarly named “5 North Square” with the same capacity and hours of 11am-1am, 7 days serving lunch and dinner.

Locally sourced seafood, a casual atmosphere and moderately priced entrees are expected to be features of the new 5 North Square restaurant.

10 Replies to “Ward 8 Owner, Nick Frattaroli, Taking Over 5 North Square Restaurant

  1. Isn’t it funny how all the liquor licenses in the North End stay within the same business owners? Just saying……

    1. When someone rents or leases a business they normally obtain any liquor license attached to the business… had you, myself, or anyone else taken over This business we would have gotten the license which has been at the premise for well over 10 years.. where’s the issue?

    2. How is it funny? This is an existing license, not a new one. Just a transfer. If you wanted to buy the restaurant you would have the license.

  2. I hope he keeps burgers and adds some sausages with peppers and onions, steak and turkey tips. Even some rpulled pork and some southern fried chicken. Turn it into a a swanky looking saloon with backgammon and chess tables up stairs. The neighborhood needs a risk taker, he is young and successful enough to make this fly. Sort of family friendly by day, adult only at night. Maybe he’ll add a few billiards if yo have the space the money is made in alcohol . This looks like it could be turned into the right den of inequity for the locals. People are fed up with Italian food, we are so diverse. Stop riding the same old horse, jump on a zebra once in a while. This is a small price to pay to make this Change, good meat quality at fair pricing paired with untraditional poison and a way to enjoy yourself for a few hours. Just have to keep them drinking
    And charge a small fee for the game. Yeah your teaching them how to have fun again and what to DRINK, Theway it was done in the old days, give them exactly what they need to make it back. That is just your manic compass

    1. Richie.if you do not like Italian food why did you move to little Italy? If you want a neighborhood bar you can go to Nick’s other restaurant Ward 8 or any number of places in the North Station area or Quincy market area or along the Greenway. Try the downstairs at Modern Pastry, the bar at Crudo or Vito’s Tavern on Salem St. Seriously dude. The resident population is more diverse than it was 50 yrs ago but it is still Boston’s little Italy. Get over yourself

  3. Richie, take your plans to brighton where that belongs. If your fed up with Italian food, go to McDonalds.

  4. Does anyone know he name of the old manger/ head waiter whatever you want to label him as at Genneros ? He was the nicest guy ever and my wife n I have been trying to figure out where he went, his wife was pregnant and when we came back 6months later to learn they sold out n changing the name I was a little crushed (my wife n I’s first date was there)

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