Trump Pulls Off an Upset Win; Republicans Keep Senate & House; Marijuana “Yes”, Charter School Expansion “No”, Question 5 “Yes”

Donald Trump defied the pollsters, winning the national race to become the next President of the United States, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton. Adding to the surge, Republicans have kept majority control of the Senate and House. See the final US electoral map and rattled market reaction at the WSJ (subscription free today).

In Boston, Hillary Clinton took 81.7% of the vote versus 14.2% for Donald Trump, 2.6% for Gary Johnson and 1.5% for Jill Stein. 

The ballot questions came out as follows:

  • Slots Parlor, Question 1 failed 37% vs. 63%
  • Charter School Expansion, Question 2 failed, 38% to 62%, keeping the State cap on charter schools in place.
  • Caging Livestock Prevention, Question 3, passed with 81% voting yes.
  • Marijuana Legalization, Question 4, passed with 62% voting yes.
  • In Boston, Question 5 passed  with 74% voting yes vs. 26% no, supporting a 1% property tax increase for affordable housing, park improvements and historic preservation.

For Suffolk County Register of Deeds, Stephen Murphy won with 73% of the vote over Margherita Ciampa-Coyne (12%), John Keith (8%) and Joseph Donnelly (7%).

For U.S. Representative, 8th District, Stephen Lynch was re-elected with 82% of the vote over competitor William Burke. Local State races were not competitive with no opposition for State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and State Senator Joseph Boncore. Both will serve another term at the State House for their districts that include the North End / Waterfront area.

All results are unofficial from, with 100% precincts reporting. will have North End / Waterfront precinct results when they become available.

13 Replies to “Trump Pulls Off an Upset Win; Republicans Keep Senate & House; Marijuana “Yes”, Charter School Expansion “No”, Question 5 “Yes”



  2. Well let me see. So it’s yes to dope, no to educate the dopes and yes to punish dopes who don’t know where the meat comes from. Looks like the dopes won!

  3. t. Mobile I resent the remark about “dopes”. Trump supporters were called Deplorables by Hillary & now
    we are going to deal with you saying Dopes won. By the way t.Mobile, wait until you see what happens
    with Dopes that come in for the Marijuana. Colorado is having plenty of problems that the news does not
    talk about.

  4. 80% for Clinton in Boston tells the story here. We live in a liberalist bubble. I for one am very happy with that. I fear for the rest of the country as the have no idea how bad things can get if trump doesn’t come through. At least we’ll have the marijuana.

  5. Not only that, but I can travel to Maine where I can buy a gun and a bong …. in the same place!

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