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Over Sixty Candidates Running for Boston City Council

A seat on the Boston City Council has become a hot ticket item.

More than 60 Boston residents plan on running for office in the upcoming election. Last week was the deadline for candidates to hand in their paperwork and signatures to qualify to run for election.

However, councilor Lydia Edwards (District 1) can breathe a sigh of relief as she officially has no challengers this Fall. The freshmen councilor joined the council in 2018 after winning 53 percent of the votes. Edwards represents the North End, East Boston and Charlestown.

Councilors Matt O’Malley (District 6 Jamaica Plain), Ed Flynn (District 2 South Boston and Chinatown) and Frank Baker (District 3 South End and Dorchester) are also in the same boat as Edwards facing no opponents this election season.

The city will most likely see a primary election when it comes to the councilor at large seats. There will be more than 15 candidates vying for a spot. Councilor at large represent the whole city.

More than 60 people are running for election this year

Incumbent councilors Michelle Wu, Annissa Essabi George, Michael Flaherty and Althea Garrison are all running for reelection.

Garrison joined the council this year after taking over the vacated seat left by Ayanna Pressley who is now in Congress. She was in line for the seat because she came in fifth for the at-large councilors race. 

Residents Michel Denis, Erin J. Murphy, Domingos DaRosa, David Halbert, Priscilla E. Flint-Banks, Alejandra St. Guillen, Martin Keogh, William King, Julia Mejia and Jeffrey Michael Ross are looking to join the council this fall.

City Council president Andrea Campbell (District 4) will face one opponent being Jeff Durham. Campbell represents parts of Dorchester.

Councilor Josh Zakim (District 8) announced earlier in the year that he will not be running for re-election.

Those looking to replace him are Jennifer Nassour, Helence Vincent, Priscilla Kenzie Bok, Montez David Haywood, Landon Lemoine and Kristen Mobilia.

Whoever is elected will represent Back Bay.

Councilor Mark Ciommo (District 9) is another councilor not running for reelection again this year. He represents Allston-Brighton.

Residents Brandon David Bowser, Daniel Daly, Craig Cashman, Lee Nave Jr, Liz Breadon, Jonathan Lamar Allen and Amanda Gail Smart are eying for his spot.

Incumbent councilor Kim Janey (District 7, Roxbury) will face off with Roy Owen Sr. and Valerie Hope Rust.

Councilor Timothy McCarthy (District 5) will have to fight off Mimi E. Turchinetz, Yves Mary Jean, Justin Matthew Murad, Alkia T. Powell, Jean-Claude Sanon, Ricardo Arroyo, Maria Esdale Farrell and Cecily Leticia Graham to keep his seat.

McCarthy represents Mattapan and Hyde Park.

To be considered for election, those running for councilor at large need to get 1,500 signatures from registered voters. District councilors vary by district but many need at least 200 signatures.

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