The Weekender: Cycle Tracks, Sidewalk Carving, $60,000 Raised for Italy Relief!

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What's your opinion on the cycle tracks?
What’s your opinion on the cycle tracks?

Poll: What Do You Think About the North End Cycle Track?

With one less lane for cars and construction all along Commercial Street, many of you are well aware of the cycle tracks. How do you feel about them? Cast your vote and see how your neighbors feel about the new addition.

Life on the Corner: A City of Parishes

The recent Boston Globe article about nuns, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, sparked memories of parochial schools and parishes in the North End and throughout Boston that existed sixty five years ago. Citing the parishes as being “the glue” through ethnic tribes that existed in the city of Boston, read the post.

“Bill Grifone” carved into the Commercial Street sidewalk.
“Bill Grifone” carved into the Commercial Street sidewalk.

Video: Sidewalk Bandit Writes In Wet Concrete

The new sidewalk on Commercial Street in front of Union Wharf was carved into by this “sidewalk bandit” who was even kind enough to spell out a full name, view the video coverage to see it for yourself!

North Washington Street Bridge Construction Targeted for Summer 2017 [Video]

The recent meeting held regarding the North Washington Street bridge construction showed the 75% completed design. A construction schedule was released that targets the summer of 2017 for the construction to start, which will last 3-4 years, view the post.

“Boston Stands With Italy” Brings Community Together to Raise Earthquake Relief Funds

After the 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy in late August, Boston’s Italian community and local restaurants held “Boston Stands With Italy,” a fundraiser that raised over $60,000 for relief. The event was held at Steriti Rink, view the post for complete video coverage of the event.