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Save Our North End Waterfront Group Documents High Tide at Lewis Wharf Piling Field

Reinforcing its position that a submerged piling field cannot be legally built on, members of Save Our North End Waterfront gathered on Monday afternoon for a “High Tide” event. The organizing arm opposes the proposed Lewis Wharf hotel project and documented the disappearing piles at the site of the proposed luxury hotel.

“Anyone can see that the vast majority of pilings at Lewis Wharf are not visible at high tide,” said Cathy McDonnell, a Save Our North End Waterfront leader and North End resident. “These piling remnants are so deteriorated that they are unusable and unsafe for any purpose, and yet developers are still considering building a massive luxury hotel out over these dilapidated pilings.”

Last month, the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection confirmed that a new development cannot extend over pilings or piers that are below water at high tide. As verified today, much of the piling field at Lewis Wharf is not visible at high tide implying the DEP ruling could dramatically reduce the size of the area where the proposed hotel was to be built.

The group continues to press its case, most recently taking aim at the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Planning & Development Agency that have yet to take any action to halt review of the hotel plan.

“The neighborhood and now the Commonwealth’s Department of Environmental Protection have spoken loudly and clearly,” said Barbara McNeil, a Save Our North End Waterfront leader and North End resident. “Those Commonwealth tidelands should be protected for the neighborhood and the public. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken our concerns seriously; so, why hasn’t the City of Boston?”

Photos courtesy Save Our North End Waterfront.