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Mary McGee Elected President of Residents Association (NEWRA) After Term Limit Extension Fails

Longtime North End resident, Mary McGee, is the new President of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA). McGee was voted into the lead role after a contentious election process at the October 13th annual meeting.

An unsuccessful proposal to extend executive term limits thwarted the group’s nomination committee to have past President Ford Cavallari continue serving in that role. Vice President David Goggins put forth the recommendation, with a list of reasons why two years was too short for an executive term.

New NEWRA President, Mary McGee, speaks to the membership.

After an extended discussion, the by-laws change to extend term limits from two to four years was met with skepticism by the membership and failed to meet the two-thirds hurdle in a vote of 25-22.

NEWRA nominating committee member Jim Salini reviewed the history leading up to the election, saying their preferred candidate was Cavallari which is why the by-laws change was proposed. As a result, they did not include McGee as part of their slate, referring to her “11th hour” candidacy. The committee put forth candidates for the other executive positions who were elected by voice vote.

NEWRA’s new executive roster is as follows:

  • President – Mary McGee
  • Vice President – David Goggins
  • Treasurer – Ann DeLuca
  • Secretary – Jennifer Crampton
  • Sergeant at Arms – Cheryl Delgreco

View the meeting video at the top of this post for the complete by-laws discussion and election.

10 Replies to “Mary McGee Elected President of Residents Association (NEWRA) After Term Limit Extension Fails


  2. Mary Congratulations,

    The neighborhood and the city at large will benefit from your “type” of intellect and experience

  3. Congratulations to Mary McGee! We couldn’t ask for a brighter or more dedicated President. ???

  4. Congratulations, Mary
    Your leadership is a marvelous asset to the neighborhood.
    Many thanks to all of the officers for your dedication and countless hours of work for the North End.

  5. I am disappointed that Ford will no longer be president. I thought he worked so hard for the neighborhood, all of it, not just a select few.

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