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Chronicle TV Features North End Vs. South End Battle

Chronicle on WCVB Ch5TV featured Boston’s classic neighborhood fight, North End vs. South End. The show originally aired on Thursday, October 27th and clips are now available for online viewing. They won’t allow us to embed them here, so you’ll have to go to their website.

Segments included lifestyle, real estate, food and fun. The North End’s history and Italian flavor were put up against the South End’s brownstones and arts scene.

From Modern Pastry, owner John Picariello represented the North End’s famous cannoli against the South End Buttery. Carmela Laurella, CL Properties, showed off the waterfront’s real estate highlighting a listing at Union Wharf. North End natives and sisters, Christina and Carla Pallotta from NEBO, escorted TV host Anthony Everett to Hanover Street with stops at Caffe Vittoria and Polcari’s Coffee, among others. Nicola Orichuia from I AM BOOKS, highlighted his best seller, Green Eggs & Ham in Italian.

Although the Chronicle TV show setup the “End vs End” & “North versus South” battle, no winner was actually chosen probably because we all know the answer. Check out clips at the Chronicle website.

5 Replies to “Chronicle TV Features North End Vs. South End Battle

  1. Job well done by all representing the North End. Wishing the fountains of the Greenway in the North End and accessibility to Christopher Columbus Park and the Harbor/Waterfront was included, tho. Our pools, the ice rink, the ball-fields and playgrounds, too. We offer so much. We really have the best ‘community’ area, smack dab in the middle of the city.
    I love living here and wouldn’t trade with anybody, anywhere.
    Thank you for posting Matt.

  2. Please. There is no contest. The South End is so boorrring…the North End is filled with excitement and something constantly going on. And people in the North End are always happy. Why? Because people come to North End for the purpose of enjoying excellent food with the people they love. No one is in a bad mood in the North End because of this! Full bellies and smiling faces!

  3. Chronicle seems to run out of real material. I know it is a so call news magazine full not so clever hidden advertisements, but is ridiculous.

    1. Chronicle is all about JC Monahan wearing black leather or other tight fitting outfits.She has replaced Bianca at channel 5 who resembled a waitress working at the old combat zone as well.The show is boring regardless of the topic.

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