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Boston Common Coffee Closing on Salem Street

Boston Common Coffee is closing (NEWF image)
The “North End” coffee bean blend at Boston Common Coffee (NEWF photo)

Boston Common Coffee Co. is closing its North End location at 97 Salem Street, per Adam Castiglioni who first broke the story on his Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog.

The last day of operations will be October 31st with complimentary coffee to patrons on Monday. The company’s three other downtown locations will remain open. The closing is being attributed to lease and high rent issues as well as competition from new entrants such as Peet’s Coffee that opened earlier in the year on Salem Street.

We’ll have more from the last day at the coffee shop here on

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      1. JGH: You know, I taught school and couldn’t help myself….correcting people….and then I stopped. It did no good. It embarrassed the person. You DID not have to say that. Really. Matt is very good with the public and it did not offend him…did not offend me. Just fed up sometimes with the manner in which they reply to people. For example, Your sarcastic comment to me.

          1. HMMMM You know……! I also taught school and felt strongly that teaching was more important than hurting feelings, so there we depart. I was not being sarcastic, however suspect some condescension, so with all respect, understand that my intent was not to disparage Matt, but to simply create an atmosphere where we know and respect our language and grammar…..there is a difference between compliment and complement, as an educator, you do know that????

    1. Every comment by Sarah seems to be extremely judgmental. Which makes this one hilarious as well.

      Regarding the Boston Common. This was one single time in 10 years I’ve been making espresso at home that I actually returned the bag of beans I bought from them. It was terrible. So was the espresso they served in the shop, so it’s not just my grinder and machine and my lack of barista skills.

  1. Sorry to see it close. Nice manager and baristas. Not a fan of the other coffee shop! Just sayin!

    BTW there are nicer ways to correct Matt!

    1. MARGIE:
      Your comments and castigation of my ‘simple’ grammatical correction of Matt’s improper use of the two words are interesting, Matt knows the difference, as do you, hopefully. It is not good when publishers lead people in the wrong direction, grammatically, or editorially, there is no difference, I hope you understand my concern, as, seemingly, does Matt.
      I was not trying to make Matt out as a bad person.
      Please accept my position.

      1. What is the meaning of simple. There is no such thing as a simple correction. Correcting someone , whether with one word or many, is not a simple action. People justify everything with the word ‘simple’. It was inconsiderate of you to correct Matt in a public paper. Period. Accept it that you did not NEED to say that. Amen

  2. Matt, Authors’ Law: Write a 400 page book, and the author will get 20 letters saying a word was spelled wrong on page such-and-such. Also known as The Proofreader’s Curse. Many thanks for your reporting.

  3. BTW, if you’d like real coffee, especially espresso, excellently roasted locally and well made, try George Howell’s little counter at the new Haymarket.

  4. Im sorry to see a local establishment go. But I must say, their coffee doesn’t taste great. Im not a coffee snob, but there it tastes a little cheap for a cafe – a place that specializes in coffee. Put them up against Peets or Thinking cup.. or Polcaris (made at home).. No competition.

    BTW polcari’s coffee is the best!

    1. McDonald’s doesn’t sell Paul Newman’s anymore?? That’s a shame! They always had the best coffee.

  5. I guess there aren’t enough Yuppies to go around. They could all close and it wouldn’t matter to me.

    How many times have you been out shoveling had some pinky up, Latte sipper come prancing down the street wanting to talk about how slippery it is under foot and all the pretty snow. Maybe if they all closed, these knuckleheads would stay home and learn to make their own coffee.

    1. yuppies is not only a dated term, but i do not ever think it was a proper noun. now go yell at some kids to get off you lawn.

      1. Thanks for reminding me. I don’t have grass, but spotted some one out there smoking some. Told them I was going to call the cops and they believed me. Not legal yet!

  6. This is a shame. Sure, Thinking Cup and Peets make a solid cup of coffee, but there was no better place to hang out for a bit, read a book, chat with friends, or get some work done than BCC. It will surely be missed.

  7. Why was Peet,s permitted to open since we are supposed to not want national chains in the North End? It’d OK for the yuppies but no McDonald’s for the lower classes?

  8. I think a lot of the blame for national chains having access is the high lease rates.. It’s hard for mom & pop shops to make a solid business case when faced with high monthly rents whereas chains can do so with better control over and lower expenses. Having said that, they have to sell something that the neighborhood wants in sufficient quantities (coffee) or they won’t last very long (frozen yogurt)… 🙂

  9. Places where you can sit and have coffee in the North End…off of the top of my head:

    My Cousin’s Place, Caffe Dello Sport, Mike’s Pastry, Caffe Vittoria, Gigi Gelataria, Thinking Cup, Cobblestones, Caffe Paradiso, Modern Pastry, Caffe Lil Italy, Theo’s Cozy Corner, Peet’s,

    Competition is fierce.

  10. This post’s thread is why us locals hate you new people.
    If you want to argue about stuff not germaine to the actual
    article to make yourselves feel all superior, go to Yelp.

  11. Does anyone know what is going into this location? They seem to be close to finishing the remodel….?
    While we’re at it, what about the old True Value?

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