North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) Looks to Extend its Executive Term Limits

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) has proposed an important change in its by-laws to extend executive term limits from two to four years. The membership was informed via email of the proposed change:

Currently, the by-laws state: “No officer may serve for more than two years consecutively…” and the proposed change would state: “No officer may serve for more than four years consecutively in the same position.”

Faced with a dearth of volunteers for its executive positions, the term limit extension will allow current NEWRA President Ford Cavallari and Sergeant at Arms Robyn Reed to serve an additional two years in those positions. The change is being put forth by the NEWRA Executive Committee as well as the Nominating Committee that is tasked with recommending a slate of officers.

NEWRA is one of the two recognized neighborhood associations in the North End / Waterfront area that votes on zoning and licensing applications, in an advisory capacity to Boston City Hall. The membership group also advocates for residents on various issues, including parks, public safety and quality of life.

NEWRA members are expected to vote on the bylaw change at its meeting on October 13th, immediately before the annual election takes place on the same evening.

2 Replies to “North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) Looks to Extend its Executive Term Limits

  1. Interesting! NEWRA has a membership that would lead you to believe they are legal experts, urban planning experts and from time to time experts in the construction management and development business as well as the restaurant business. Yet they can’t find anyone to “lead” their organization so they need to change their by-laws so Ford Cavallari’s term can be extended!

  2. God Bless Ford Cavelleri, Victor Brogna, and all emeritus members who VOLUNTEER to endure the chores of office.

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