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Public Safety Meeting Report: Overall Crime Lower, Two Robberies, One Break-in, Four Arrests

Boston Police District A-1 provided an update on recent neighborhood crime incidents, summarized below, at the September 2016 North End Public Safety Meeting. The figures below cover the last 30 days period.

Part 1 Crime
-City-wide: Down 6%
-District A-1: Down 2%

Robberies (2)
-8/27 @ 9.57am, in front of Bova’s Bakery (corner of Salem St. & Prince St.): During the St. Anthony’s Feast, a known male suspect was operating a refreshment stand. A City of Boston Code Enforcement Officer came by and ordered the stand to be shut down due to improper permits. The suspect became extremely irate at the Officer, took and smashed the Officer’s cell phone and also stole his City-issued radio and barcode printer. The suspect then fled on foot. Complaints are being sought against the suspect.

-8/13 @ 1.00am @ corner of Commercial St. & Hull St.: Pedestrian was walking down the street when a car drove by, then came back towards him, followed by at least one individual getting out of the car and hitting the victim in the back of the head. Personal property was stolen from the victim.

B&E (1)
-22 Fleet St.: Resident was away for the weekend. At some point a noise was heard @ 2.00am and a light was left on, but nothing was reported missing. Unsure at this time if this truly was a B&E…

Auto Theft (1)
-Thacher St.: 2015 Nissan

Larcenies (2)
-15 Bartlett Place: Stolen bicycle
-343 Commercial St.: $35,000 worth of jewelry reported missing. Tenant suspects the cleaning lady took it.

Larceny from MV (1)
-104 Salem St.: Camping equipment.

Arrests (4)
-Assault & Battery: Salem St. (Domestic violence b/w a man and a woman).

-OUI: by Coast Guard base on Commercial St.

-Violation of Auto Laws (8/28 @ 6.00pm @ Clark St.): A male suspect was arrested. He had been operating a moving truck that was blocking the street. Police Officers responded and originally had the truck moved. However, the moving truck returned and the operator refused to move the truck and was arrested for failure to submit a license and registration to the Officer.

-Trespassing / Disorderly (8/27 @ 10.24pm): Police Officers patrolling the Commercial Street area during the St. Anthony’s Feast came upon a large group they attempted to disperse. The group ran up Charter Street and down Foster Street. At this time a male suspect was confronted on Foster Street while drinking alcohol and was in possession of cans of malt beverage (beer). The suspect was acting in a disorderly manner and was placed under arrest for disorderly person, trespassing, liquor law violations (minor), counterfeit / forged license and possession of a weapon (knife).

Discussion re: large groups of teenagers congregating by the ice rink on summer weekends (NOT just on Feast weekends). They seem to mostly be 15-16 year olds from the North Shore. Not likely to be arrested simply for congregating in large groups.

Loud party car (Suffolk Univ. ride along) has started up again. Runs from 11.45pm to 3.45am, Thursday through Saturday night during the school year (except on holidays and school breaks, such as winter and summer breaks).

North End Public Safety meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, 6:00 p.m., at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. All are welcome!

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