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Must-Knows for September 8th Primary Election

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State Primary Election: Thursday, September 8, 2016

For the State Primary Election, polls will be open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. This is a expected to be a “light” primary election, with turnout expected to be especially low due to no statewide race, very few contested races, and that the election is being held on the Thursday of Labor Day week. Stephen Borelli and Aaron Michlewitz are the only North End / Waterfront candidates on the ballot.

To check your registration status and see your specific ballot, click here.

What other elections will be on the ballot this primary?

At the top of the ticket will Congressman Stephen Lynch, running unopposed for renomination. While the Democratic nod is almost a guarantee, Congressman Lynch will face a Republican challenger for November, William Burke from Quincy.

Governor’s Council. Incumbent Terrence Kennedy of Lynnfield is running against North Ender Stephen Borelli, as well as a Richard DiMeo of East Boston.

Next are the seats in the Legislature. Recently elected Senator Joe Boncore has no opposition on the ballot, although Claudia Sierra of East Boston is running a write-in campaign against Boncore for the Democratic nomination.

Aaron Michlewitz will be running unopposed for another term as State Representative of the Third Suffolk District.

Last 2 are the County positions of Suffolk County Sheriff and Register of Deeds.

Sheriff the incumbent Steve Tompkins who is running against Alexander Rhalimi of Revere.

Register of Deeds has a whopping 7 candidates. Longtime incumbent Mickey Roache retired the end of 2015. This vacancy (and the $124,000 salary) has drawn the interest of the following candidates:

DOUGLAS BENNETT 37 South Munroe Ter., Boston
STEPHANIE L. EVERETT 197 Manchester St., Boston
KATHERINE V. FORDE 670 Hyde Park Ave., Boston
MICHAEL B. MACKAN 39 Bearse Ave., Boston
STEPHEN J. MURPHY 141 Warren Ave., Boston (Fmr. City Council President, County Commissioner)
PAUL F. NUTTING, JR. 385 Savin Hill Ave., Boston
JEFFREY MICHAEL ROSS 554 B Massachusetts Ave., Boston

Polling Locations

Most NorthEnd/Waterfront residents will vote at one of these four locations:

Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennett Street
Christopher Columbus Apartments, 145 Commercial Street
41 N. Margin St. – Knights of Columbus
Harbor Towers / Rowes Wharf votes at City Hall

Not sure where your locations is? Visit WhereDoIVoteMA.com.

To check your registration status and see your specific ballot, click here.

For primaries: Voters enrolled in a political party (Democratic, Green-Rainbow or Republican) may only vote in that party’s primary. Unenrolled voters (registered voters not enrolled in a political party commonly referred to as “independent”) may vote in the primary of their choice and remain unenrolled after voting.

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