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Police Blotter: You Spit in My Face, I Punch You Back

The following report is from this week’s District A-1 Boston Police blotter.

Assault & Battery

09/24/16  ~  3:04am
Police Officers responded to an Assault & Battery in progress at Hanover and Cross Streets.

The victims were 2 females who said they were involved in an altercation with 2 male suspects after one of the suspects spit in her face for no apparent reason.

One of the females confronted the suspect and a fight ensued. A female punched a male in the head who then tripped and fell causing a laceration to his head.

All parties refused medical attention at this time. Detectives to follow up.

2 Replies to “Police Blotter: You Spit in My Face, I Punch You Back

  1. My type of girl, too bad she didn’t castrate him.

    There might not be any mafia crimes, but the area keeps on getting worse. The crime rate might be down if you are comparing
    the years of the 60’s – 90’s era, but we are dealing with a lot more of these incidents. I guess they will probably wait for a
    murder or 2 to take place before we get more police protection. What a shame.

  2. The woman had the right to defend herself. You can guess at that hour in the morning some drinking was involved. Earlier bar closing might reduce some stupidity, in that, the less time to drink, the less likely they will stumble into each other’s way. You can have more police on the street and then again, you must be willing to pay for more police officers and their overtime. I’m guessing that no one wants a significant increase in taxes.

    But if you perceive more of this is happening (this blog doesn’t indicate that this it true), then it is likely because there are more people on the street at this hour. If you are wondering where the police are at this hour, then go down to India and Broad Streets when the bars close. It’s a nut house.

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