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NEWNC Coverage: Cycle Tracks, Basement Extension, 17 Family Residential, Entertainment License!

At this week’s North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting, Frank and Gloria Giammanco expressed their interest to extend the living space in their building on Moon Street, while a petitioner at 278-284 North Street sought a legal occupancy change for renovations. Also, the Battery Wharf Hotel is looking to get their Certificate of Occupancy changed to list “live music,” while the community chat segment was consumed by Kay Barned-Smith, who updated the council on the cycle tracks.

Utilize the video timeline below to jump to issues of interest:

(00:00 – start of video) Frank and Gloria Giammanco of 10 Moon Street applied to the ZBA to extend the living space in the building by converting part of the basement into living space. Currently the first floor includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath, the proposal would include a first floor living room, dining room, kitchen and bath; and the basement will include a master bedroom, master bath, two large closets and a utility room.

Voting Results: Supported Unanimously. 

(03:55)  278-284 North Street. Petitioner Joseph Boccelli is seeking to change the legal occupancy to a 17 family residential dwelling and two commercial spaces. Expressing that this occupancy change is more reflective of the existing condition, where the previous legal occupancy was a four family residential dwelling with one commercial space. No changes to the existing occupancy were proposed, renovations and structural enhances will take place.

Voting Results: Supported 5-4 (Council Members Hennessey, Mendoza, Frattaroli and D’Ambrosio opposing).

(20:03)  Battery Wharf Hotel (Westmont Hospitality) is seeking to obtain zoning relief in the transfer of entertainment license to reflect current ownership and get their Certificate of Occupancy changed to list “live music.” The hotel and restaurant operations will not change and the Leader’s Lounge will not be the subject of any live entertainment application or covered by any permit for the same.

Voting Results: Supported Unanimously. 

(23:31) Community Chat on cycle track and traffic patterns.  Kay Barned-Smith, Project Manager of the Connect Historic Boston cycle tracks was alongside Vineet Gupta of the Boston Transportation Department to discuss progress on the cycle track construction along Commercial Street.

(1:03:01 ) Voting results from NEWNC council. 

The next NEWNC meeting will be held on October 3, 2016.

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