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Follow-up: Longtime Vegetable Stand Returns to North End

The longstanding vegetable stand at Salem & Cooper Streets was being setup again on Saturday morning. (Photo by Jason Aluia)

The homegrown vegetable stand at the corner of Salem & Cooper Streets is back in business! A recent column by Tom Schiavoni brought attention to the code enforcement closure, that was quickly rectified by City Hall to get the needed authorizations for the stand. The operation has been run for over 45 years by the Tammaro family who have a Billerica farm.

12 Replies to “Follow-up: Longtime Vegetable Stand Returns to North End

  1. So you’re saying they got the proper forms and the North End is back to the way it should be? Who would have thought!!! This neighborhood’s reluctance to adapt is going to eventually run it into the ground. From a 10+ year resident…

    1. Tommy – You’re were correct! Your original response to this situation was totally reasonable and rational, and it was not surprisingly the correct one. Thank you.

  2. Glad it’s back. That’s what makes the North End a little special. Something that people who moved into the North End , 10 or more years ago don’t get. I don’t know why they come. I’m sure rents and even houses are dirt cheap in Roxbury and Mattapan. They be vey happy there. No fruit or veggies stand, no feast, nothing that can upset the whiny ones. Except the weekly shooting. You all should move there and complain.

    1. Any idea when they are planning on coming, times and and days? I remember the proud, elderly woman arranging and then sitting besides the barrels of the freshest and sweetest fruits grown by her and her husband’s labor of love. Very very early in the morning he would jump off his farm truck and proudly unload his bounty.
      I would excitedly run to the stand as early I as could before she sold out, which she did quickly.
      I never thought we would ever again witness this experience. Once our new residents become aware they will also be there,probably ahead of us, to take advantage of this petite marketplace.

      1. They are only there on Saturday. NOt sure what time in the morning but they are there through the afternoon unless they sell out

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