The Weekender: Blackhawk Exercise, Mega Yacht, Fox25 Zip Trip!’s top 5 posts of the week!

Video coverage here.
Video coverage here.

Military Helicopters Flying Low Along Waterfront and Downtown Boston [Video]

Did you wonder why the North End sounded like a war zone with helicopters buzzing over the neighborhood a few days ago? Blackhawk helicopters were doing Homeland Security training over downtown Boston, flying just above building rooftops from Logan Airport in East Boston across the Harbor past the North End and Downtown waterfront. View the post for video of the exercise!

Weekend Photo: Teenagers Hoard Around Skating Rink / Bocce Courts

Have you seen the 50-100 teenagers that gather outside of Steriti Rink along Commercial Street around the bocce courts on weekend nights? The location has had a history of fights and vandalism, this time there seemed to be trash and broken bottles, view the post.

Looking for a boat? Check out the Itasca, docked at Yacht Haven (Photo by Monika Skole).
Looking for a boat? Check out the Itasca, docked at Yacht Haven (Photo by Monika Skole).

Yacht Watch: “Itasca” Mega Explorer Docked and For Sale

Currently docked at Boston Yacht Haven is “The Itasca,” a mega yacht that has a helicopter aboard. For the low price of $18.7 million – it can be all yours! View the post for more on the vessel that is prepped and equipped for encounters with polar ice and/or recreation in the tropics.

Video: Flight of the Angel at 2016 Fisherman’s Feast

The Flight of the Angel marked the highlight of the 106th Fisherman’s Feast on August 21, 2016. After a day long procession, the Madonna statue returned to North Street where two side angels on balconies recite an Italian devotion followed by the entrance of the flying angel from a third story window coming down from the sky to meet the Madonna Del Soccorso Di Sciacca, view the video.

Fox25 Boston Zip Trips into North End – TV Videos!

Christopher Columbus Park was the sight for last weeks Fox25 Morning News “Zip Trip,” featuring the unique aspects of the community and showcasing several neighborhood organizations. View the post to watch video segments of the local coverage with local celebs and hometown heroes!