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Military Helicopters Flying Low Along Waterfront and Downtown Boston [Video]

Military helicopters are doing Homeland Security training exercises tonight over downtown Boston, flying literally feet over building rooftops. We captured some of the fast moving action in the above video.

There appear to be four “dark” Blackhawk helicopters following a flying pattern from Logan Airport in East Boston across the Harbor past the North End and Downtown waterfront, ending up atop a skyscraper in the Financial District. It almost looks like someone could rappel from the helicopter onto the roof of the 75 State Street building. The flying patterns are repetitive with some taking slightly different paths, closer to the Seaport while others are directly over the North End. issues an advisory saying the Department of Defense training exercises would happen through August 26th. “This is a planned exercise in cooperation with local authorities and is not in response to any current world events. The exercise is expected to have minimal impact to the public,” said the statement. While the helicopters are dark, it wasn’t exactly stealthy with the noise reverberating throughout the city streets.

The dark copters were seen performing a similar training exercise in August 2011.

4 Replies to “Military Helicopters Flying Low Along Waterfront and Downtown Boston [Video]

  1. On the 23rd there were five copters. At the end of the exercise they flew along the water in a tight formation.

  2. I watched this the last two nights. It was absolutely thrilling to see. Thanks for the great video.

  3. Odd how ground troops in full gear with armored vehicles were in Waterbury Connecticut, staging in a cemetery and along the major interchange of I 84 East/West and Route 8 North/South.

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