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Prince’s Prowl Mobile Game Takes Players Through Old North Church

Take a break from Pokemon and give Prince’s Prowl a try! Prince’s Prowl is a new digital game that has officially launched at Old North Church in Boston’s North End! Led by the infamous “Prince the Cat” of the North End, the interactive game for your mobile phone takes you through all the “ins and outs” of historic property.

Prince the Cat’s home was John Sullivan’s Prince Postale (71 Prince St.) but he roamed throughout the neighborhood, spending a lot of time inside Old North Church. Prince’s Twitter hashtag was broadly followed (#wheresprince) as he would gladly pose for photographs with locals and tourists alike.

In Prince’s Prowl, the North End’s favorite feline takes visitors on the hunt for treasures inside the historic Old North Church. The game takes about 30 minutes with classic photographs and plenty of games along the way.

Development of the Prince’s Prowl game comes from the Old North Foundation, started by Phillippa Pitts and finished by Old North’s Director of Education Erin Wederbrook Yuskaitis and Green Door Lab‘s Kellian Adams.

Click this link to play Prince’s Prowl and then head over to the Old North Church, 193 Salem Street in Boston’s North End.

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  1. Prince is in charge of the Old North Church ! This is adorable. What is it about Prince? Why was everyone so happy to see him? He was his own ‘cat self’, and left us wanting more as he strolled by , so focused on his destination. Love that cat, and thanks to John — a gift from him to the NE !

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