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Neighborhood Photo: It’s THAT Time of Year Again

A reader shares:

This was this morning on Salem Street near where the tailors used to be. It’s that time of year again when people are moving in and out and they leave their garbage everywhere. Now the neighborhood is going to be dealing with this mess until Labor Day with all the move in and move outs.


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4 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: It’s THAT Time of Year Again

  1. This is what residents have to deal with every Monday and Friday. I think landlords should be held responsible for their tenants ruining the neighborhood, maybe then they will care whom their apartments are rented to.

  2. Where are the city inspectional services’?? I received a ticket for putting out ONE small plastic bag. Ticketed for using improper bag!!! ONE small neat bag

  3. ISD usually responds to 311 calls about trash issues in a fairly timely manner, especially on trash collection days. Please use the smartphone app or phone the Mayor’s 311 hotline whenever you come across unbagged household trash on the street. The more compaints they receive, the more inspectors will come, the more tickets will be handed out.

  4. I use the 311 app whenever I see things like this, I have reported issues and they do get addressed and I believe the 311 app works better than calling to report the problem. However, that is not the problem, the main problem is the fact that Tenants, college kids and young professionals, do this over and over again. I strongly believe that Landlords should receive a very big fine when this happens. It is unacceptable that this continues to happen every week and it is even worse since we only have garbage pick up twice a week now too. I have children and a handicap Mother, and sometimes I cannot even get down a sidewalk with them because there is trash and furniture everywhere. This never happened when I was younger growing up in the North End. People used to take pride in this neighborhood, they took care of their buildings. I remember how many used to wash their sidewalks every week and keep things so clean. That doesn’t happen anymore. People now buy buildings, or inherit them, raise rents extremely high and move out of the neighborhood. They just don’t care anymore and that’s a shame.

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