The Weekender: Fisherman’s Tradition, North End Priest at Orphanage, Nursing Home Letter

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North End Priest Director of Orphanage in Guatemala

Former North End resident Fr. Michael Della Penna OFM is the Director of the Valley of the Angels Orphanage, a home and haven for 211 children 30 minutes east of Guatemala. Fr. Michael refers to the area as a “Red Zone” with poverty and crime, which led him to go to Central America to fight poverty and carry on the work of the orphanage. View the post for the video and more information.

Life on the Corner: The Fisherman’s Feast

North Street decorated for the Fisherman’s Feast in 1929

The the 106th annual Fisherman’s Feast, hosted by the Society of the Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca is just a few weeks away. Encompassing all the characteristics of the Sicilian people, the fishermen’s club represents the fishermen who emigrated to the North End in the late 19th century, coming from the small fishing town of Sciacca, where their ancestors had been fishermen for hundreds of years and they applied their maritime skills to the new world. Read the article for more on the feast!

Police Blotter: Cash Stolen at Two North End Businesses

Just when you thought you have heard it all, read the latest Boston Police updates on a female suspect who stole money from the cash register and a handbag from a Salem Street hair salon, and a male suspect who brought a knife in a Hanover Street store and removed cash from the register, read the full report.

Photo submitted by Justin Amoroso.
Photo submitted by Justin Amoroso.

Car Falls Through Construction Plates on Prince Street

Despite your pre concieved notions about the strength of the steel plates used at construction road sites, view this Honda sedan that fell right through the temporary construction plates into a hole at the center of Prince Street, view the post.

NEWRA Letter to BRA Director on the North End Nursing Home

Ford Cavallari, the President of North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) submitted a letter to Brian Golden, the Director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) regarding the Urban Renewal Zone when it comes to Partners Healthcare closing the North End nursing home. Citing Land Disposition Agreements that clearly restricting the use of the parcel to nursing home use only, read the letter.