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North End Resident Raises “Pennies from Heaven” for the Needy

Barbara Maldero

Many people are truly dedicated to help those in need. One of those individuals is Barbara Maldero, a North End resident who for ten years has collected thousands of pennies to help unborn children and orphanages in two different countries.

This year, the soft-spoken woman has raised and sent $500 to Fr. Michael Della Penna OFM to support an orphanage he directs in Guatemala and $500 to Fr. Flaven OFM who is working in El Salvador.

Fr. Michael was born and raised in the North End before he took his vows as a Franciscan and 1911.

Both priests were extremely grateful for Barbara’s overwhelming dedication to help needy people.

Barbara has expressed her heartfelt thanks to everyone that contributed to what has been labeled “Pennies from Heaven”.

She has also been recognized for her endeavor on behalf of two countries and her commitment to local charities including the historic Parish of Saint Leonard Church Port Maurice in her beloved North End community.

Barbara is the past recipient on the North End Health Center’s “Women on the Year” award in association with the Massachusetts General Hospital and received the “State Award of Merit” from the Catholic Daughters of America.

As soon as the pennies were counted and the checks were mailed out, Barbara immediately continue her endeavor to once again raising pennies for the needy.

“This has been a terrific experience for me supporting this most worthy cause,” Barbara said. “It’s also great to see and hear the successful benefits from the fundraiser.”

While being recognized by several organizations, Barbara has been commended by her family, friends and neighbors for her actions on behalf of the needy.

It is estimated that Barbara has raised over $10,000 in pennies over a ten-year span, pennies that add up to good things happening.

3 Replies to “North End Resident Raises “Pennies from Heaven” for the Needy

  1. That is wonderful that Barbara has done such wonderful things for the church and pennies from Heaven. Job well done your a wonderful person.

  2. I was watching the local Fox news station last night & they were doing a story on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist & the still missing works of art. They interviewed a pastor who calls himself Alphonso Esposito who after spending time in the witness protection program became a “man of the cloth” I almost fell out of my chair when I realized who the minister was or used to be. Check out the Fox website long time North Enders wont believe their eyes.

  3. Yes, Barbara has been doing this for a long while now !! It is so very easy to collect pennies~~~I leave a small plastic bag inside the door of my cabinet, and every day when I come in from my errands, I put my pennies in that bag!! I just got so use to doing this~~~it is just a normal act ! At some given time, that has gone by, I take the bag to Barbara and feel pretty good about myself and Barbara ! Love you Barbara.

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