Father’s Day Party ABCD North End/West End NSC

The ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) honored fathers in June and simultaneously celebrated the dawn of Summer at its site at 1 Michelangelo Street in the North End. The center includes the seniors’ elected officials in these gatherings and the celebration serves as an opportunity for them to see their constituents and speak to and address issues that are of importance to their clients.

Maria Stella Gulla, Director, delivered a moving tribute to the dads in the room.  She spoke with feeling, “Who of us did not feel their father’s strong presence guiding them and being there for them in difficulties, ready to come to the rescue?  My dad has been gone for many years but I still feel him here with me, next to me coaching me in whatever I do.  It is my belief that a father should be valued and respected for their fundamental role of support to the family.  To all fathers with us today and with us in spirit, Happy Father’s Day!”

Would you like to join the fun?  Please call the NE/WE NSC directly at 617-523-8125 to reserve your spot for future luncheons, which the NE/WE NSC will advertise in advance.  New clients must sign up to obtain free membership with ABCD.