The Weekender: Opening of Scopa, Religious Graffiti, Alley Cigarettes, Police Activity, and More!

Think of this as the weekly all star team for neighborhood posts, only the top posts of the week make it into the Weekender!

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

Scopa, the newest addition to the North End restaurant scene. Photo by Matt Conti.
Scopa, the newest addition to the North End restaurant scene. Photo by Matt Conti.

Scopa Restaurant Opens on Hanover Street

Scopa, a new 22-seat Italian restaurant recently opened at 319 Hanover Street by Gennaro Riccio, a longtime North End resident. With the menu featuring “refined Italian” and extensive starters, five pastas and entrees make up the core of the dinner selections, view the post for photos and more on the eatery.

Life on the Corner: The North End Beach

In the next couple of weeks, Mirabella pool will open for the summer season, but many North Enders may remember the days before the swimming pool. Prior to the city building Mirabella pool in the 1960’s, there was a beach right where the North End Park is, read the article for more on the “North End beach!”

Trash Complaint: Party Cigarette Butts in Alleys

This North End resident spent much of her day picking up the dozens of cigarette butts out of Lombard Place after a roofdeck party took place with with a bunch of “20-somethings” where they also threw beer bottles into the alley, continue reading more on the disturbance.

Police Blotter: Jumping Roof to Roof, Credit Card Theft

Just when you thought you have heard it all, a male suspect was arrested after Cooper Street residents were disrupted by a man jumping from roof to roof. Also on Commercial Street, an unknown person gained access to a bank credit card, view the reports for more information.

Religious graffiti
Religious graffiti covers the windows at the former High Gear Jewelry store at 204 Hanover Street.

Religious Graffiti on Vacant Hanover Street Storefront

The former High Gear Jewelry store at 204 Hanover Street was sprayed with religious graffiti on the old storefront windows. The graffiti makes references to the numbers “7” and “777” along with Christian crosses, Jewish stars, and Hindu Chi, read the post for more on the incident.

Editor’s Extra:

RUFF Expanding Companion Canine Program

After forming three years ago, the Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) has strived to be an active community and neighborhood group, looking to benefit the North End neighborhood. This year they will be expanding their companion canine program, view the post for details on this initiative.