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Police Blotter: Marathon Monday Party, Stolen Handicap Placards, Package Theft!

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The following report is from this week’s District A-1 Boston Police blotter. 

Disturbing the Peace

04/18/16  ~  12:53am – 1:30am [Marathon Monday]

Police Officer’s responded to a loud party at a Hanover Street apartment building. On arrival there were numerous college students at a party in the apartments and roof deck. One male tenant was issued a violation for Keeper of a Disorderly house and a female tenant was arrested for Disturbing the Peace, Disorderly conduct, Resisting arrest and Assault & Battery on a police officer. Deans office to be notified at the University about the incident.

Larceny from MV

04/28/16  ~  5:30pm
Victim reports she parked her 2005 Jeep on Stillman Street, when she returned the vehicle was ransacked and 3 handicap placards were stolen.

Larceny from Building

05/05/16  ~  12:00pm – 4:00pm
Victim reports an unknown person stole a FedEx delivery from her Henchman Street entranceway, the delivery package was an Expresso coffeemaker.

9 Replies to “Police Blotter: Marathon Monday Party, Stolen Handicap Placards, Package Theft!

  1. The typical placard is issued for a year & has to be renewed each year. The RMV will not issue a second placard until the first one expires & the owner fills out another application signed by a doctor. So something does not sound right here.

    1. Michael. It is possible to have a placard issued for life. It depends on the injury and recovery. I have one.

  2. The application for a placard asks duration. Temp or permanent?. Now just like the opioid crisis where doctors hand out prescriptions like M&M s a person can get most doctors to sign off ” permanent” If a person has condition or injury that has a recovery period they should NEVER receive a permanent, for life placard.

  3. Michael: You cannot fool a reputable Dr. into signing a placard for life. If the Dr. checks ‘for life’ , it is taken seriously. Judge not Michael. Believe me, i have been through the process and had a temp placard 3 years in a row until a life time one was warranted. You should not make blanket statements because the entire world is not crooked and the surgeons in the Boston hospital are of a high standard. You cannot ‘get’ a doc to sign a permanent one unless it’s necessary. All these ‘doubting thomases’ who know not what they speak of.

  4. Elizabeth, a reputable dr. at The Yawkey Center at MGH where my wife is being treated asked me “how long do you want the placard for”? But that isn’t the issue here the issue is fraud.As I wrote earlier the only person who can use the placard is the person it was issued to, and MUST be in the vehicle of the placard being used.On the placard their is your photo from the RMV that is on your driving license.Of course the city gives out a “sleeve” so the owner of the placard has the option to cover the photo which makes zero sense. I don’t understand why some people continue to view doctors as God, their not.

  5. 1. I know all about people looking up to Drs. — as you are accusing me of doing.
    2. You do not have to review the rules of placards….I have one.
    3. Fraud? Well, talk to the lady who had 3 placards.
    4. The police do not need to see a photo on the placard. I don’t want people on the street seeing my photo — who drives the care…..not obliged to show my face for all the world to see. So, it does make sense to block photo if you are a private person.

  6. The issue is some twentysomething going to the gym and parking in a Handicap parking spot using his grandmothers placard who has been deceased for 10 years.

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