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Notable News: BYOB Program, North End Oyster, Boston’s Walkability, Parking Crunch, and More!

These days, you do not have to run and pick up the paper to read through all the news! Rather, we compile the list from all news sources, seen below:

Boston drivers face costly crunch as parking disappears

Parking is a major issue across the city of Boston, especially in the tight knit streets of Boston’s North End where people take hours to get a spot. The city has issued about 4,000 residential parking permits but there are only 1,500 on-street spots reserved for drivers who live in the North End, continue reading at, New Boston Post,

Restrictions will limit how much beer or wine can be brought into a restaurant, read the article at The Boston Herald.
BYOB restrictions will limit how much beer or wine can be brought into a restaurant, read the article at, The Boston Herald.

City uncorks BYOB restaurant program

Hoping to help restaurants in the city, Boston is set to begin a “bring your own booze” program in certain restaurants, with restrictions to not harm restaurants with liquor licenses. “This is meant for under-­serviced areas like Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester and not Hanover Street in the North End,” continue reading at, The Boston Herald.

Boston improves walkability: How it ranked No. 3 nationwide

Falling to only New York and San Francisco, Boston ranks third amongst the most walkable U.S. cities in 2016. According to the data, the most walkable neighborhoods in Boston are Chinatown/Leather District, North End and Beacon Hill, read the full report at, Boston Agent Magazine.

These are the most popular seafood restaurants in Boston, according to check-in data

Boston has a strong reputation for great seafood, in a 1.25 mile radius in South Boston there are 58 seafood businesses. Find out which ones are the most popular, thanks to data from a check-in app, the North End’s Neptune Oyster on Salem Street cracked the top 10, read for the story.

Phantom Gourmet – Crudo

Boston’s oldest neighborhood, known for Italian restaurants, pizza joints and world famous canolli’s is now home to the city’s hottest new Japanese restaurant. Crudo on Salem Street is serving up fresh sushi and unqiue asian fusion dishes, watch the above video segment from Phantom Gourmet.

North End Oyster Heads to Salem Street

North End Oyster is set to open on Salem Street in the space currently occupied by the Urban Cantina. Opening up the street from the popular Neptune Oyster, the new restaurant hopes to be “Neptune Oyster on steroids,” continue reading at, Eater Boston.

Nick Varano’s newly renovated Strega restaurant on Hanover Street. View the full article at, The Boston Herald.
Nick Varano in his newly renovated Strega restaurant on Hanover Street. View the full article at, The Boston Herald.

Old favorite Strega gets new look

Looking to freshen up his original Strega North End restaurant, Nick Varano gave the restaurant a face-lift with a full gut and rebuild. Featuring folding glass walls that open up the entire restaurant to Hanover Street, wine walls and sconces shipped from Italy, a new marble bar top with expanded seating area, continue reading at The Boston Herald.

Everything we want to eat for $5 or less

Taco Tuesday’s are a popular trend among restaurants, but what about deals on other nights of the week? At Vito’s Tavern on Salem Street, you can find weekly deals on gourmet hot dogs and Sloppy Joe’s, read the article for more at, Metro Boston.

Cherubum and Seraphim at Old North Church

The Old North Church in Boston features four hand-carved angels mounted on the gallery railing that are believed to have been made in Belgium in the early 1600s. They were shipped across the Atlantic to a French territory in 1746, ultimately ending up with Thomas James Gruchy, who settled in Boston and purchased a pew in Christ Church five years before. Read the full article at, Boston 1775.