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3 Things & Photo Wednesday: Tulips Survie, Shark Tank Contestant, Reflection Location?

Photo by Frankie Boyer
Photo by Frankie Boyer, noting that the tulips are still holding on at the Charter Street park!

Three Things to Know Today

1. Looking for some community happenings today? Look no further:

3:00pm:  Downtown Waterfront Planning Meeting at City Hall 5th Floor
The Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee is tasked with assisting the City in the development of a new harbor plan for the Downtown Waterfront District. [Read the report on Public Realm benefits from the last meeting.] Meetings are open to the public.

6:00pm:  Film: Weddings and Babies at North End Branch Library
Weddings and Babies (1958) is a movie about a photographer who struggles to make enough money to marry his fiancee, who is starting to believe he’s delaying their marriage deliberately. Runtime of 81 minutes, more information.

2.  You may have heard about the North End resident on Shark Tank, if not read About PMS BitesTania Green was seeking $50,000 for 20% equity in her company to help women control PMS with her chocolate-based treats PMS Bites. In the pitch, Green described the product details and her sales of $13,000 in two months, after launching just seven months ago. Unfortunately, none of the sharks took a bite. Read more about the episode at, Empty Lighthouse Magazine.

3.  Through the reflection, can anyone tell the location of this puddle? Via Instagram on a #rainyday:

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