The Weekender: “Turning” Truck, Swings Removed, Planted Trees, and More!

The moment you have all been waiting for . . . the top posts of the week!

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

"Oops," Photo by Steve Ayres.
“Oops,” Photo by Steve Ayres.

Truck Runs Out of Luck and Gets Stuck

Not many communities have streets like the North End, and this can be problematic for people with cars and mid-sized vehicles, so you could imagine the challenge for this commercial truck driver from Georgia, who managed to jackknife his truck, leaving it stuck for about 2 1/2 hours. View the post for more on the situation.

Greenway Swings Temporarily Removed from North End Parks

The bench swings on the North End Greenway Parks were a tough ticket to get, yet they were recently removed due to safety concerns with the current design. Not to panic, there are plans to have the swings back, once the structure can bear the load. Read the post for more details on the famous Greenway swings.

Police Blotter: Vehicle Vandalism, iPhone Lifted from Jacket

Over the past few weeks, Police Officer’s responded with Boston Fire for a Hanover Street house fire caused by a hoverboard, reported a stolen Apple iPhone 6s, and vehicle vandalism.

Read the blotter, courtesy of District A-1 Boston Police.

1908-1912, shortly after Paul Revere’s House was renovated.
1908-1912, shortly after Paul Revere’s House was renovated.

Life on the Corner: What’s the Vig?

The year was 1908, and the building next door to Paul Revere’s House was owned by Raffaele DelGaudio who had a watch and jewelry store. DelGaudio’s grandson, Ralph now has a gift shop there but when his grandfather’s day it was a jewelry store and served a very different function in the Italian/American community. Read the article for more on the significance of this store to the Italian community.

Filmark Hospitality Group Reacquires Lucia Ristorante

Ristorante Lucia at 415 Hanover Street recently retuned to their original owners, Filippo Frattaroli and his son, Philip Frattaroli of Filmark Hospitality Group. It was Filippo who originally opened Lucia Ristorante in 1977, taking a major personal and financial risk, read the post for more on the story.

Editor’s Extra:

Truckload of Trees Arrives in North End

In response to resident requests and a tree inventory compiled by the Parks and Open Spaces Committee of NEWRA, a crew planted a trailer full of trees that needed to be replaced. This is part of an overall effort to plant 1,200 trees throughout Boston this spring, view the post.