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Councilor Sal LaMattina Announces Funding for New Community Center Study, Prado Renovations, North Square, Puopolo and Langone Parks [Video]

District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina visited the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) with good news on neighborhood funding, including:

  • $100 thousand to study and find a site for a new community center in the North End to replace or complement the Nazzaro Center.
  • $1.9 million in funding for the renovation of the Paul Revere Mall (Prado)
  • $2.5 million for the renovation of North Square
  • $487 thousand for Rachel Revere Square
  • $260 thousand for electrical repairs at Puopolo Field
  • $40 million for the renovation of the Eliot School at 585 Commercial Street building  [See Design Revealed for Eliot School Renovation]
  • $450 thousand for new bathrooms and sprinklers at the existing Eliot School on Charter Street
  • $5 million for Langone Park – playground, ball field, bocce courts, lighting

Spending on the above projects is budgeted as part of the City’s four-year capital plan. LaMattina also talked about his vote in support of Urban Renewal extension at the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

At 10:30 in the above video, LaMattina takes questions from NEWRA members, including inquires about the BRA process regarding the proposed Lewis Wharf hotel.

Please view the above video for Councilor LaMattina’s full comments at the April 2016 NEWRA meeting.

2 Replies to “Councilor Sal LaMattina Announces Funding for New Community Center Study, Prado Renovations, North Square, Puopolo and Langone Parks [Video]

  1. How about cleaning up the polcari playground its a disgrace. We need new benches, shrubs, signs pick uo after your DOG.

  2. We had a Community Center. The North End Union. We had the C.C. Center started by NorthEnd Business men for the children of the North End. We had the Shaw House located at the North Bennet Industrial School. Other than the Industrial School which will still house a school The Eliot which North End children must be chosen by lottery to be able to attend. both the NorthEnd Union and the CC Center are now rentals and condos With all the land that became available around us There was no room to build a Y. This land was used for Rentals and Condos
    100thousand to STUDY. I’ll do it for free That money can be used to hire people that can clean up the Dog poo on our baseball fields, our playgrounds and our streets. on a daily basis. The strip of dirt&grass that lines the front of the DeFillipo (the gassy) is a toilet for Dogs.It Stinks and is a health hazard for both humans and animals. I guess its too far to use the dog park located in the same playground.

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