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Notable News: Urban Renewal Approval, Parking Fines Double, 2017 Movie Release, North End Curling?

We know how the weekends fly by and how hectic Monday – Friday can be, which is why we make the news easy for you, with this one weekly post!

North End Boston Curling (Steriti Rink)

The Steriti Rink in Boston’s North End will be home to a 2016 curling season, thanks to a new group called North End Boston Curling who is organizing the season to start this fall. Although the group is confident this upcoming season will be a success, there still are in the initial stages of development, read more information at Craigslist.

Council approves letting city double parking fines on street-sweeping days

Boston City Council approved BTD to expand their pilot project in which street-sweeping fines would go from $40 to $90, but would alleviate towing cars. City Councilor Sal LaMattina agrees that the new system is working in Charlestown, but he acknowledges that towing would like have to stay in certain neighborhoods, continue reading at UniversalHub.

City Council President, Michelle Wu. Photo by Angela Rowlings, The Boston Herald.
City Council President, Michelle Wu, voted in favor of the six-year urban renewal extension. Photo by Angela Rowlings, The Boston Herald.

Urban renewal extended

A 10-3 vote by Boston City Council solidified the extension of the urban renewal powers for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Initially seeking a ten year extension, the council voted to extend by six years, with a few requires of the authority. Read the article at, The Boston Herald.

These are the ten most popular places to eat in Boston right now, according to check-in data

Utilizing data from the Swarm app, these ten establishments had the most people check in to eat within the week of March 1st and March 7th. Covering many known hotspots around the city, would it surprise you that Mike’s Pastry made the top 10? Probably not. Read the full list and more details at,

Jean Nagy,
Margaret Street in Boston’s North End. Photo courtesy of Jean Nagy,

Ben Affleck’s new Boston-based crime drama has a release date

The filming of Live By Night took the North End by storm, turning Margaret Street into a prohibition-era city setting.  Folks will have to wait until October 20, 2017, for the movie to be released, has more on the movie starring Ben Affleck.

La Scala’s Neapolitan menu features grandma’s recipes

La Scala Restaurant in Randolph has been open since 1970, with much of the success coming from the recipes that owner Bob Caparella learned growing up in the North End. Caparella started working at his family’s restaurant, Mother Anna’s on Hanover Street. The Boston Globe has the story on this “old school” restauranteur.

Michael Sangalang, posted by UniversalHub,
Photo by Michael Sangalang, posted by UniversalHub,

New station lights up the night

The new Government Center MBTA station recently opened after two years of construction. The newly renovated station is complete with new lighting that illuminates the station with numerous color capabilities, view the post at, UniversalHub.

Two-bite amaretto cannoli, best bite, or two, from Boston

This mother-daughter duo landed in Boston for a three day visit, hoping to cover six college visits, but first, Mike’s Pastry was on the list. The visit marked a “foddie highlight” for the trip, citing the fried shell filled with a sweet creamy filling, continue reading about their visit at, Great Falls Tribute.

6 Replies to “Notable News: Urban Renewal Approval, Parking Fines Double, 2017 Movie Release, North End Curling?

  1. Why do the powers that be keep going back and forth on towing for street sweeping? The streets are an absolute mess and the North End neighborhood had agreed to towing as a viable deterrent over ticketing…no matter what the fine. Why are we now going back without consulting its residents?

  2. There should be some means of clearing the gutters into the middle of the road so that trash that is in the gutter can be picked up. I don’t know how this can be done, but with each street cleaner potentially a crew of people using brooms or some noise friendly blower to clean the gutter into an area were it can be swiped up or otherwise picked up and disposed of. If that is effective the need for employing ticketers or tow trucks is greatly reduced.

  3. Gary: Since when does the city need to confer with boston residents on their decisions?
    A good, hefty fine is better than those tow trucks that hold up traffic, and make tons of noise. I can’t imagine how much money that costs the city. Think of it: tow trucks, working throughout the a.m., into the p.m., on these tiny streets. It is laughable. Anyway, I was surprised to read that you think we should be consulted on the city’s decisions. Since when?

  4. GARY, I am glad they are towing. The people that moved down here think they can throw their trash out whenever they want
    & not move their cars for street cleaning. The signs are clearly posted & yet some of these residents defy the rules &
    regulations. I think they should make money on the fines & they are also making money on the cars being towed. The
    City doesn’t do anything that they can’t make money on. I also think we should have people cleaning our gutters on a daily basis,
    not just Hanover, Prince, & Salem Sts. This may sound like an expensive project, but they have used prisoners in the past to
    do this choir. I have to make myself very clear, I do not mean Child Molesters, Rapists or Murderers. There are plenty of
    prisoners that are available for cleaning our gutters & they are not in prison for the above crimes. Where there is a will, there
    is always a Way. The City got away cheap this past winter, very little Snow Removal, therefore they have plenty of money to
    clean the streets, & like I said, prisoners cleaning the gutters are free labor & if they do have to make some contribution, it is
    never going to be as much as putting someone on a permanent payroll to clean gutters.

  5. Ouch ! Your opinions are very strong and maybe you should be on a committee somewhere. i get nervous when I read your comments. I think you are living ‘back in the day’.

    1. Darcy, These are the facts, they are Black & White. I am glad my opinions are strong, I always speak
      from My Heart, as well as my Mind. If I had to be on a Committee Somewhere, it would be in the
      North End. There is no reason for you to get Nervous over my Comments, you should be getting
      Nervous over what has happened to our Neighborhood. Where there improvements? Absolutely.
      Change is inevitable, but don’t think it is always for the good of the people, or I should say the Residents,
      because unfortunately, it is not. If I was living back in the day, believe me, there would have been some
      serious changes, and for the good of the Residents, who matter more than the Restaurants. The No. End
      has become a Cash Cow for the City of Boston. Money is Honey, but can also turn into Poison.
      Darcy, like I said, and I really hope I am wrong, wait until the Summer is here. You might be finding
      yourself saying Ouch to what will be taking place in the No. End, rather than my Strong Comments.
      Have a Safe & Wonderful Day.

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