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Neighborhood Photo: Needle Patrol Hotspot

This photo shows more than half a dozen hypodermic needles I discovered dumped under my landing on Lombard Place.  In conversation with the city of Boston “Needle Patrolman,” I learned the block of Prince Street from Salem up to and including the Gassy has become a needle patrol hotspot.

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7 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Needle Patrol Hotspot

    1. Hi Joyce, The Police know that the Gassy & Lombard Place are Hot Spots for Junkies & yet they have
      not put up a hidden camera to determine who these people are. I don’t get it. This is not Rocket
      Science, and yet nobody has attempted to do this. I have lived in the No. End for years, and I have
      never seen so many Drug Addicts combing our streets like they do now. These people are coming
      in from everywhere, they are not just the Local Junkies. The Camera is the Biggest Defense we have to curb a lot of ongoing problems
      down here. I really feel anyone who owns property should have a Camera & the City should make
      this Mandatory. The Landlords can more than afford it & the City being on an all time High, has
      placed Cameras in certain parts of the City, and yet they haven’t put Cameras in the Problem Areas
      of the North End. This is so Simple & Very Effective & Very Affordable.

  1. Tommye- while this is so disappointing, thank you for sharing this picture to remind us all about the large heroin problem we have in the North End. These bright syringes attract children. The dog park at the Gassy has been a big help toward dissuading heroin use over here but, you are right, people come from all over to buy heroin in the North End. I appeal to the police for more diligence in this area. And to all residents- every time you see a needle, please cal 911.

    1. Jennifer, I really needed to get this photo public. So many people walk their dogs, and so many children run through Lombard Place. MI needed moms and dog walkers to be aware. ESPECIALLY of the bright orange plastic.

  2. The unfortunate truth is that the North End has a drug problem as do most neighborhoods in the commonwealth and the nation. The reason why the presence of heroin addicts on our streets has quadruple in the last few years has a direct connection with the methadone clinic on Canal street. I have had conversations with people and businesses in the North Station area about the subject and the situation is equal or worth on their streets. Methadone unfortunately is not a solution the statistics prove it, the epidemic of heroin addiction is growing as are the deadly overdoses. The presence of methadone programs in our neighborhoods, towns and cities promoted by federal, state and local officials brings the criminal element involve to everyones doorsteps. Addicts sell and trade methadone to support their habit, I strongly suggest to our neighbors, law enforcement local and state officials spend an afternoon on Canal street and observe the situation. There has to be a better way to address this horrible epidemic that is destroying so many lives, but at the same time there should be a great deal of consideration on how the “quick fix” this clinics offer affects our communities and the citizens that are trying to keep their neighborhoods and children away from the presence of the crime and health risks in condoning the irresponsible behavior of addicts.

  3. Jorge, your right on the money. Over the years there have been more needles left throughout the neighborhood than discarded Mike’s Pastry boxes.As for North Station & Canal street what your witnessing is the junkies heading to & fro from the nearby Linderman Center.

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