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Rep. Michlewitz Expresses Importance of Decisions at NEAD Family Talk/Dinner

The first Family Dinner/Family Talk of 2016 put the Nazzaro Center to capacity as kids listened to Representative Aaron Michlewitz speak about the importance of decision making. Having grown up on Sheafe Street, Rep. Michlewitz spoke about his background in the neighborhood, being from the North End, and his job as a legislator on Beacon Hill.

State Representative Aarom Michlewitz speaking to NEAD (Photo by Conor Finley)
State Representative Aaron Michlewitz speaking to a family dinner/ family talk hosted by North End Against Drugs. (Photo by Conor Finley)

Leading up to a large pasta and meatball dinner, decisions and consequences were the topic of discussion. “Life can bring a lot of forks in the road,” stated Rep. Michlewitz, who remembered being faced with choices growing up. “The need to make good decisions will be pivotal to your future.”

Speaking about the importance of staying involved in groups like North End Against Drugs, being an only child and ‘Michlewitz’ not being the “traditional” North End name, it was his friends, family and leaders in the community that continued to support him throughout his childhood. “Whether it is effort in school, or peer pressure with drugs and alcohol,  friends and family are there to look out for your best interest and help you along the way,” Michlewitz explained to the kids. Proceeding to tell them that every decision has a consequence and how friends play an important role when it comes to staying involved in sports and activities around the neighborhood.

In his position representing the North End and the rest of the 3rd Suffolk District, Rep. Michlewitz is faced with making many tough decisions that have consequences across the Commonwealth. In his six plus years serving in the legislature, Michlewitz continues to use a lot of the lessons he learned growing up in the North End and staying involved in the community. “One of the most rewarding things for me has been coaching sports in the neighborhood, and watching the kids I coached grow up to coach the next generation,” added Michlewitz.

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) works to educate kids in the community about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol abuse while promoting youth to stay involved in community groups, organizations, and sports.