Eliot School’s Mira Yu Competing in Citywide Spelling Bee

On Saturday, March 19, Eliot School fifth grader Mira Yu will compete in the Citywide Scripps National Spelling Bee. Mira advanced to the citywide competition after winning three rounds of competition at school – the homeroom, grade-level, and whole school bee.

The Eliot School Spelling Bee, moderated by Carl Ameno of the Nazzaro Center, included the following grade-level finalists: 4th grade student Jacob Marberblatt, 5th grade student Mira Yu, 6th grade student Carolina Antonio, 7th grade student Kayla Milano, and 8th grade student Gabriel Dell Isola.

We are proud of all of our students who participated in the spelling bee and are thankful for the Nazzaro Center’s partnership. The entire Eliot community is rooting for Mira’s success at the citywide tournament.

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