The Weekender: All-Alcohol Licenses, Street Light Antennas, Arrest and Larcenies, and More!

Reflecting on the past week at, view The Weekender, to make sure you caught the top stories in the neighborhood!

Top 5 Posts of the Week:

North End Restaurants Get a Jump on New All-Alcohol Licenses

Since the city announced that 10 “unrestricted” liquor licenses will be available in Boston, several North End restaurants are pursuing the chance to upgrade their existing  beer/wine licenses. View the post for more information on the all-alcohol licenses and the restaurants seeking them.

View the post for more renderings.
View the post for more renderings.

Street Light Wireless Antennas Coming to North End and Downtown Boston

A Wireless Distributed Antenna System Network is being planned on top of city-owned street light poles and traffic signal posts throughout Boston’s North End and downtown. The antennas are intended to improve wireless coverage for phone and data use, read the article for more on this initiative.

Arrest and Larcenies Reported at January 2016 Public Safety Meeting

Reports from the recent public safety meeting are presented by Area A-1 Boston Police and cover the last 30 days of crime in the neighborhood. Overall in 2015, crime rates in area A-1 are down 17%, read the post for detailed reports on crime incidents and police activity.

Boston Public Market, photo taken by Keith Bedford, The Boston Globe.
Boston Public Market, photo taken by Keith Bedford, The Boston Globe.

Notable News: Senate Special Election, Running Studio, Food Paradise, Flood Zone Growth!

The notable news post is your guide to keeping up with articles and media that pertains to the North End / Waterfront. Utilizing outside sources, we cover all the bases around the neighborhood, view the post for the full list of articles.

Downtown View: Is Traffic Bad?

With all the construction going on in downtown Boston, it is no surprise that traffic volumes and congestion have increased. Even though nobody likes traffic, it is a sign of a strong economy and helps small businesses, read the article for more on traffic and “quick fixes” due to Go Boston 2030.

“Neighborhood Photo” by Bob Somerville.
“Neighborhood Photo” by Bob Somerville.

Editor’s Pick:

Neighborhood Photo: Christopher Columbus Park

This neighborhood photo comes courtesy of Bob Somerville who captured the trellis in Christopher Columbus Park sitting among the Boston skyline, view the photo.