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Neighborhood Photo: Berries and Bridges

Bob Somerville find berries growing along the Harborwalk looking toward the N. Washington and Zakim Bridges.

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7 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Berries and Bridges

  1. Very interesting shot Bob. Beautiful . It looks as though it may have proven to be a challenge to get it just right….but obviously not for you !

    1. Karen, This is a photo of a ‘thicket’ vine. I believe the Woodbine, Virginia Creeper and Thicket Vine are in the same family. The Thicket wraps around an object, rather than adheres to a building, as does the Virginia Creeper.

  2. Great photo Bob. So unique. I love the fact that you take a lot of photos of the Zakim Bridge, which I happen to love.

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