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Teresa Mazzulli Receives State House Citation

This past December, West End resident Teresa Mazzulli was presented a citation honoring her 25 years and over three thousand hours as a dedicated volunteer, ambassador and gracious host at the historic Massachusetts State House.

Representative Paul McMurtry of the 11thNorfolk District  presided over the honor in the House Chamber.  Pictured are Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, Ms. Mazzulli and Representative McMurtry of Dedham.

Ms. Mazzulli was extremely touched by her deserving honor.

4 Replies to “Teresa Mazzulli Receives State House Citation

  1. Dear Matt Conti,

    Sincere thanks for publishing the item and foto pertaining to my being recognized for years of service as a volunteer Doric Docent Tour Guide of the Massachusetts State House. This group was founded more than four decades ago, when Frank Sargent became Governor, and his wife Jessie Sargent became “First Lady” of the Commonwealth. Her interest in the history of our state — its remarkable Constitution, beautiful Capitol designed by Charles Bulfinch, historic flag collection — the list is long — led her to engage some friends of hers to research “the facts” and form a “non profit, non political corporation”, to give tours of the State House, (under the official non-profit, non political corporation bylaws, the “First Lady” is named President of the organization. Now, more than 40 years later, recruitment of Doric Docent guides continues, and is open to all who wish to join. Our current First Lady of the Commonwealth, Lauren Baker, has assumed the role as President of the Doric Docents, Inc., and was given a very special welcoming reception at the State House by our current members. For further information regarding how to become a Doric Docent Guide, please phone the Tours Desk, 617 727 3676, GRAZIE, THANK YOU, Teresa Mazzulli

  2. Dear Matt Conti,

    As a follow-up to my earlier Comment , I’d like to clarify that when Jessie Sargent established her group of State House Tour Guides in 1969, it was named “Doric Dames Inc.” and she, as First Lady of the Commonwealth became its first President, in accordance with the bylaws of the organization at that time. Later on, when Lt. Governor, Jane Swift, became “Acting Governor” (Governor Paul Cellucci having assumed his post as U.S. Ambassador of Canada in 2001) Chuck Hunt, Governor Swift’s husband, had accepted the title President of the Doric Dames, Inc. Soon after,. new bylaws were passed that reflected the name-change from “Doric Dames, Inc. to DORIC DOCENTS, INC., Also, the bylaw that pertained to the office of the President of the organization was changed from shall be the “WIFE” of the Governor to read shall be “SPOUSE” of the Governor. As noted in the earlier Comment, the current President of the Doric Docents, Inc. is Lauren Baker . Again, all who have an interest in being a Doric Docent Guide are welcomed — for information please phone Tours Desk at the State House — 617 727 3676. GRAZIE, Teresa Mazzulli

  3. Teresa, first of all congratulations for your achievements and recognition. I am researching Philip Trajetta so as to write a book on him. I know you had plenty of research time on him and the Conservatorio. Could you kindly contact me? I want to ascertain whether certain information has been uncovered and whether there are images of him at all.

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